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Decoration wood floor maintenance essential source 10 Keywords

Aug 22, 2016 at 20:24
Wood floor is now home decoration materials commonly used, but it has been plagued by maintenance problems many owners. Floor properly maintained, it can live up to 20 years or more. In daily life,[url=]environmentally friendly flooring[/url] in the end how to maintain the floor it? Xiaobian for you inventory 10 keywords floor maintenance, ready to lay flooring or wood flooring has been laid Own sure not to miss. Decoration wood floor maintenance essential source 10 keywords. Keyword 1: oil, floor oil if not in time, will produce oil and color and so on. Small advice: In case of oil should be used immediately cleaners, water carefully wipe satisfied. 2 Keywords: daylight, direct sunlight, the ultraviolet light causes the floor paint surface cracks. In the decoration, the need to take this into account, [url=]Low maintenance wpc decking[/url]use curtains or blinds blocking direct sunlight floor. 3 Keywords: water, surface water after the floor, if not in time, will lead to the floor discoloration, water stains, and cracks and other phenomena. Should be wiped dry. 4 Keywords: agent, such as floor buildup on chemicals should be promptly Cleaners / water wipe satisfied. Small advice: After wiping the floor surface gloss will be reduced, should be timely waxing maintenance.Keywords 5: weights, finished floor after renovation, at the piano, refrigerators and other heavy plate to pave the way for protection against excessive local loading floor caused depressions and scratches. 6 Keywords: rain, wooden floor is essentially tired of aqueous. As it rain,[url=]Easy to install balcony flooring[/url] the floor surface will produce discoloration, cracks and other phenomena. So, after the renovation, the home floor should pay attention to moisture and water. 7 Keywords: air conditioning, prolonged use of air conditioning, indoor air will become very dry and prone to stretch the floor, leading to floor gap and audible. This is in preparation for the decoration of the owners must understand. 8 Keywords: pets, pet waste timber will produce alkaline corrosion, resulting in discoloration and stains the floor. If you have pets, this point also need to take into account. 9 Keywords: detergent, after the renovation, absolutely not use alkaline detergent wipe. Wood components and basic materials will react, resulting in varying floor or cause stains. After the use of cleaning agents to use wrung cloth. 10 Keywords: floor wax, renovations to choose a suitable floor wax. Before waxing, [url=]Inexpensive multi-purpose outdoor wpc flooring[/url]first in the corner of the room or other place not visible, try a small area of ​​the floor, make sure no problem and then begin full waxing.