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Do not need advanced cleaning materials can also improve wood floor "complexion"

Aug 10, 2016 at 21:15
Wood floor more and more consumers of all ages, many home owners do not know how to install a floor maintenance, following on with small series with a look at the floor maintenance methods it. Floor maintenance knowledge: salad + = brighten protect the ground, in the general view, the ground feel that there is no oil looks clean. In fact, [url=]Sunscreen type balcony flooring[/url]at the time of wiping the floor, plus a few drops of salad oil into the water again and again, the ground will not only easier to clean, but also can play brighten and protect the floor effect. Floor maintenance knowledge: big power of small salt, salt in our lives play the role of seasoning, in fact, it is a small decontamination expert oh. Sometimes the eggs do not accidentally get on the ground, found on the ground after drying left a trace ugly egg, this time only need to sprinkle a little salt in the egg stick at,[url=]Low maintenance teak boat decking[/url] wait for about 10 minutes sweep it, you will find on the floor egg traces had disappeared. Floor maintenance knowledge: vinegar + milk / briquette ash = decontamination fetish, vinegar can be used in addition to salad, crab dip, flavored outside, plus milk or burnt briquette ash, decontamination capability of five stars. With sour milk, yogurt attention is not, add a little vinegar, preferably white vinegar, applied to the spot, you can easily remove stains, but also very bright Oh. With burnt briquette ash wipe the kitchen floor stains, grease, then sprinkle vinegar on the mop it, and grease stains can be cleaned. Floor maintenance knowledge: tape, rice resolve shards of glass,[url=]High performance outdoor decking[/url] sometimes accidentally broke a glass window or glass fragments in one place looking at all dangerous. Small particles may be visible to the naked eye glued together with adhesive tape; glass powder may get soiled cotton pick up water, or sprinkle some rice, powder stick, then vacuumed the rice sucked. Floor maintenance knowledge: floor detergents DIY, floor detergent selection is also a concern with many things. Acidic not too alkaline, not pungent taste, simply their own DIY! Just need some simple materials, superior results can be manufactured out of dirt detergent. Soft soap, fuller's earth, soda and water in a 1: 1: 1: 5 mixed into the cauldron boiling, boiling down to half the original volume, remove cooling, storage and set aside. After boiling liquid with a hard brush dip, along the lines of the floor brush, then wipe with hot water, can effectively remove the stains on the floor. Floor maintenance knowledge: homemade floor wax Useful home if leftover candle do not throw, when to collect a certain number of its shredding, remove the wick,[url=]new material outdoor fence[/url] and turpentine ratio of 1: 1 mixture, drain and boil, stir melted candle liquid and pour into container, after cooling is a good floor wax. Floor wax slightly heated before use, wipe the floor will be more relaxed effort. Wood floor maintenance need not be advanced cleaning materials, household items will be able to solve some small stains on the floor, easy maintenance floor